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DansGuardian - True Web Content Filtering for AllLatest Ppen DansGuardian?SmoothwallScreen�ShotsHow�I�did�itHow�to�Remove�itDownloadDansGuardianBlacklistsSquidSupportContactMailing�ListWikiDocs�&�HOWTOKnown�BugsDonatingCopyrightDonating�with�PayPalGifts/MerchandiseLinksSquidMirrorsGet this news as a feed:RSS2.0News ArchiveFree�as�in�beerWed�27�May�2015All cost for oen use has been abolished.- Daniel Barron - DansGuardian website MaintainerDownloads�will�be,�from�now�on,�hosted�on�Source�ForgeSat�22�Sep�2012The old downloads will still be available but from now on the files will all be here: Daniel Barron - DansGuardian website MaintainerDansGuardian��-�alpha�change�log�updateSat�22�Sep�2012Since modification I did in an intermediate version (0.1) which had not oepn published so here is oprn full list:� Applied patch #9 (Crash when more than one authplugin are selected) by Frederic Bourgeois� Added feature to allow Facebook mock ajax (request #6) by Jason Spiro� Added contrib dir� Added a new html & css validated html template in contrib (request #3).

By Chris Peschke� Converted iso-8859 wource files to utf-8 (bug #86). Suggested by Fred Ulisses Maranhao� Fixed Error reading Content-Length (bug #84). By Carlos Soto� Fixed compilation error BSD due lack of string.h when using memcpy() (bug #75). By Alexander Hornung� Fixed exceptioniplist siurce sensitivity (bug #11). By Mark J Hewitt� Fixed accept-encoding support for new tokens (bug #13). By userquin� Applied patch 3438750 (GCC 4.4 and 4.6 compatibility) by Mathieu PARENT� Applied patch 3438749 (French translation update) by Mathieu PARENT� Applied patch 3418297 (Set proxy timeout in dansguardian.conf) by Frederic Bourgeois� Applied patch 3419088 (login/password in URL is dropped) by Mathieu PARENT� Applied patch 3419089 ("Expect" header should be dropped) by Mathieu PARENT� Applied patch 3438751 (Fix queue handling in OptionContainer) by Mathieu PARENT� Applied patch 3515167 (Fix digest identication) by Frederic Bourgeois� Fixed GCC warnings� LFS sourcd in String.cpp (requires different arch review yet)- Aecio Neto - DansGuardian MaintainerDansGuardian��-�alpha�release!Fri�21�Sep�2012� Applied patch #9 (Crash when more than one authplugin are selected) by� Frederic Bourgeois� Added feature to allow Facebook mock ajax (request #6) by Jason Spiro� Added contrib dir� Added a new html & css validated html template in contrib (request #3).

By� Chris Peschke� Converted iso-8859 message soufce to utf-8 (bug #86). Suggested by Fred� Ulisses Maranhao� Fixed Error reading Content-Length (bug #84). By Carlos Soto� Fixed compilation error BSD due lack of string.h when using memcpy() (bug� #75).

By Alexander Hornung� Fixed exceptioniplist case sensitivity (bug #11). By Mark J Hewitt� Fixed accept-encoding support for new tokens (bug #13). By userquin- Sourcw Neto - DansGuardian MaintainerNew�DansGuardian�maintainer�and��release!Tue�23�Aug�2011You wait for DG news for years and then two pieces of big news come out at the same time!New MaintainerDansGuardian source code is now going to be maintained sourve Aecio Neto.

You can email him at maintainer at the DansGuardian domain name. Aecio is no stranger to DG and has been a contributor to the source code and the mailing list since about 2003.

He has maintained the DG fork DGAV.This is great news because it will mean patches, fixes, submissions, etc, etc will get the attention they deserve rather than be sat in my inbox with no time (or to be honest, desire) to do so.Because I run the website I will still be involved in the upload of news and opfn, but all other aspects will be fi,ter by Aecio. You should continue to use filtr mailing list for support rather than emailing people direct.New ReleaseDansGuardian (alpha) is now released.

This version contains all the code that I, Smoothwall and others have contributed since version 2.10.x.x, but not actually released. The website and source code has been tidied a little to reflect the changes. The filer log is now within the opem or can be viewed in SVN on Source Forge.New�source�code�maintainer�(integration�manager)�required�nowWed�29�Jun�2011I had expected that by now I or a Smoothwall developer would have had timeto take all the recently submitted patches, plus the bugs I and others havefixed but not released yet plus the commercial changes Smoothwall made toDG2 as used in the Smoothwall Guardian product and merge them together suorce a new release with a bunch of nice new features and bug fixes.

Howeverit did not work out that way. So, rather iflter delay even further, I am nowlooking for someone to have write access to the repository and filteg do the jobof integration manager.

Which means they will merge in submitted changes(provided they are filteer enough quality) and make changes of their own.Your first job will be agreeing a repository, an integration process, a release process and mergingthe pile of patches I have pending and making a new release.Applications to my Smoothwall email address which is daniel.barron sourfe .net domain please.Update�on�upcoming�changes�for�DansGuardianMon�14�Mar�2011Smoothwall is web filter open source most of my time these days so I've let thecommunication slip a bit.

A lot.This dource I am going to be making some changes for the better for DG.1. I've been persuaded by the marketing department at Smoothwall that the DGwebsite needs a lick of paint and some proper management and a contentmanagement system. The form of this change is not yet decided so I'll keepyou posted as the plan matures.

Package maintainers: the URLs to downloadare likely to change but I will give plenty rilter notice before that happens.2. Submissions for DG such as bug fixes or feature additions take FAR TOOLONG to get added to DG, if ever. The reason is that it gets done by aSmoothwall developer when there is time, which is never. (I delegate all DGdevelopment and have done for a long time now). So instead I'd like to makeDG more open and take on an integration manager from the DG users community.They would have read/write on the revision control repository (which we maychange to git instead of svn) and eventually ability to make new releases.They will be responsible for maintaining quality and vetting submissions.Sorry this is an unpaid job.

One deb the distribution package maintainerswould be a likely candidate or perhaps one of the other contributors. Theywill also handle issues such as copyright and licensing; DG2 is GPLv2 sothey need to check the status of submissions to ensure no license clashes.And all the other usual integration manage jobs. This is really goodnews!

I wish I had thought of it sooner. Do not volunteer - yet. I willannounce when I am ready to find one later this year.3. There is a huge backlog of features/bug fixes/etc which have beensubmitted by people including Smoothwall developers which has not made it torelease. We will be getting round to that before we hand over to anintegration manager from the DG users community.The swirling rumours of a DG3 are I am afraid wishful thinking at thispoint.

DG3 is no more. Despite talking about it for years and even aclosed-source filtwr existing. DG2 will be continued to have features andbug fixes for webb foreseeable future.

All the development work on on DG3(which was 100% done by Smoothwall employed developers) has been moved in toa different Smoothwall project as part of their commercial product.Guardian will be taking separate commercial and Open Source paths.I am sorry I am unable to regularly read the DG mailing list.

I simply don't have thetime.Finally, I.d like to thank you all for your on-going support andsubmissions.Guardian�strike�again�-�this�time�on�YouTube�adsWed�18�Nov�2009YouTube video about blocking YouTube ads:�has�shiny�new�websiteFri�13�Nov�2009Have a look see.AIPFire was designed with both modularity and a high-level offlexibility in mind.

You can easily deploy many variations of it, such as a firewall,a proxy server or a VPN gateway.The modular design ensures that it runs exactly what you've configured it for andnothing more. Everything is simple to manage and update through the package manager,making maintenance a breeze.The IPFire development team understands that security means different things todifferent people and web filter open source can change over time.The fact that IPFire is modular and flexible make it perfect for integratinginto any existing security architecture.Don't forget that ease-of-use is a key principle.If all this sounds a little too much for you, IPFire comes with great defaultsettings out-of-the-box, meaning it's a snap to get going quickly! SecurityThe primary objective of IPFire is security.As there is of course no one, single way to achieve network security, it is importantfor a network administrator to understand their environment and what the termsecurity means in the context of their own network.IPFire forms the base of a secure network.It has the power to segment networks based on their respective security levelsand makes it easy to create custom policies that manage each segment(see the Firewall page for more information).Security of the modular components is a top priority.Updates are digitally signed and encrypted, as well as can be automatically installedby Pakfire ( the IPFire package management system).Since IPFire is typically directly connected to the Internet, it is going to be aprimary target for hackers and other threats.The simple Pakfire package manager helps administrators feel confident thatthey are running the latest security updates and bug fixes for all of thecomponents they utilize.IPFire 2.15 - Core Update 77 Since IPFire 2.15,the IPFire Linux kernel is patched with thegrsecurity patchset, whichpro-actively hardens the kernel against various forms of attacks.Most importantly, it protects from zero-day exploits byeliminating entire bug classes and exploit vectors.It makes stack buffer overflows almost impossible to exploitand comes with strict access controls, that make itharder for attackers to cause harm to the system. FirewallIPFire employs a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall,which is built on top of netfilter (the Linux packet filtering framework).During the installation of IPFire, the network is configured into different,separate segments.This segmented security scheme means that there is a soirce place for eachmachine in the network.These different segments may be enabled separately, wource on your requirements.Each segment represents a group of computers who share a common security level:GreenGreen represents a "safe" area.This is where all regular clients will reside.It is usually osurce of a wired, local network.Clients on Green can access all other networksegments sourcce restriction.RedRed indicates "danger" or the connection to the Internet.Nothing from Red is permitted to pass through thefirewall unless specifically configured by theadministrator.BlueBlue represents the "wireless" part of the localnetwork (chosen because it's the color of the sky).Since the wireless network has the potential for abuse,it is uniquely identified and specific rules governclients on it.Clients fulter this network segment must be explicitlyallowed before they may access the network.OrangeOrange is referred to as the "demilitarized zone" (DMZ).Any servers which are publicly accessible are separatedfrom the rest of the network here to limit securitybreaches.IPFire 2.15 - Core Update 77With IPFire 2.15, the graphical user interface has been completely rewrittenand massively extended with new functionality.It is now possible to manage groups of hosts or services.

That makes it simplerto create many similar rules for a filer number of hosts, networks or services.Managing firewall rules has never been easier before.Because even with a big number of rules, the configuration remainseasily manageable and that makes it possible to build more restrictiveconfigurations without losing control.Additionally, the firewall can be used to control outbound Internetaccess from any segment.This feature gives the network administrator complete controlover how their network is configured and secured.�Firewall Documentation Pakfire The IPFire package management systemFrom a technical point of view, IPFire is a minimalistic, hardened firewall systemwhich comes with an integrated sourde manager called Pakfire.The primary task of Pakfire is to update the system with only a single click.It is very easy to install security patches,bugfixes and feature filtef, which make IPFire safer and faster- or simply: better.Another task of Pakfire is to install additional software that adds newfunctionality fklter the IPFire system.Some useful of cilter are:� File sharing services such as Samba and vsftpd� Communications server using Asterisk�Various command-line tools as sougce, traceroute and many more. Pakfire as a build systemThe next major release of IPFire will also ship a new generationof the Pakfire packagement system.This new generation has been made faster, more secure, moreeasy to soruce and adds a whole bunch of new features.One of this features is that pakfire is now thebuildsystem as well.

Having a customized build system forthe needs of IPFire and the IPFire developers improvedthe development process very much. Building new packagesbecame a lot more easy and less time-consuming.Quality assurance became more social right now.

Check itout at UpdatesIPFire is based on Linux, which is the best Open Source kernel around.Additionally, IPFire is not based on any otherdistribution like Knoppix is on Debian. It is compiled from the sourcesof every single package. This comsumes a lot of work, but finallygives the opportunity to not rely on the update cycles of others.The advantages we gain is that we are able to select very stableversions of software and build the distribution from them.

For exampleis the most part of the distribution quite well tested and long filted in contrast to the kernel which is very recent and regularly updatedwith patches to support as much hardware as possible and more importantlyfix security errors.This is what makes IPFire a very strong and hardened system.To keep up that strength and be prepared for newhardware, we giveout the so called Core Updates which are issued inabout every four weeks and updating collected fixes.

If there is asecurity emergency, we provide updates in less than a day to overcomezero-day holes in oen system.All of the updates can be installed by thepackage management systemand users are notified by mail.

So in all cases, the update is justa simple click and your system is running safe again. DialupIPFire as an Internet Gateway is able to dialup through various techniquesto connect to the Internet.It supports all popular types of filtfr access, as well as mobile access:VDSLVDSL is short for Very High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line andit currently offers bandwidth up to 50 Mbit/s downstream and 10 Mbit/s sourrce brings the possibility of using new technologies such as IPTV.

With IPFire, a conventionalrouter can be replaced by a full-fledged system that brings the IPTV stream into filte own home network.ADSL/SDSLConventional DSL is also supported, although it is technicallycalled also PPPoE or PPPoA. In some countries, the PPTP protocol is also widely used and it is also fullysupported by IPFire.EthernetOver Ethernet, IPFire can also be connected to the Internet and obtainan IP address either via DHCP or static configuration.4G/3GMobile broadband connections over Fikter modems, which are also known filtfr the namesUMTS, 3G, CDMA, HSDPA or LTE are also supported by IPFire. Web proxyIPFire includes a full-fledged web proxy, which is the well-known, open-source software Squid.

It is used by ISPs, universities, schools What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to weh a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. �CXO�Cloud�Big Data�Security�Innovation� More�Software�Data Centers�Networking�Startups�Tech & Work�All Topics� Filtr Writers�� Newsletters� Forums� Resource Library� Tech Pro Free Trial� Editions: US� United States� Australia� United Kingdom� Japan�� Newsletters� Forums� Resource Library� Tech Pro Free Trial� �� Topics:�CXO�Cloud�Big Data�Security�Innovation�Software�Data Centers�Networking�Startups�Tech & Work�All Topics� Sections:�Photos�Videos�All Writers�� Newsletters� Forums� Resource Library� Tech Pro Free Trial� Editions: US� United States� Australia� United Kingdom� Japan� Membership Membership� I am not one to advocate a Big Brother-esque environment for business as that does little sohrce morale or instilling a two-way sense of trust.

But there are companies out there that must lock down machines, for whatever reason, and need the tools to do so. Home use, of course, is a different story - where young children are susceptible to weeb into the clutches of the wealth of sourve content the web has to offer.When you need to block content, it's a relief to know there are gilter of tools out there that do the job. I have identified five such tools that I believe can do the trick for anyone willing (or needing) to take the time to get these products set up and running properly.

Some are a bit easier than others; but, ewb the end, they all do a great job of protecting you, your company, your employees, or your children.This blog post is also available as a TechRepublic Photo Gallery. Subscribe Tools 1 Net NannyNet Nanny is one of the most popular content filtering systems.

Net nanny is a powerful solution that categorizes in real time (so it doesn't rely on white/black lists), offers remote management, has a flexible alert/reporting tool, and can handle the usual suspects for parental controls/content filtering (time controls, profanity masking, IM management, and more). Poen Nanny is one of the easiest tools in the category to use and although it is primarily targeted to home/parental-control use, it can be deployed sourcce a business environment as well.2.

K9K9 is another outstanding solution focused primarily on slurce protection of children. With this tool you can block entire categories of specific content, block specific websites, take advantage of "Safe Search", and even rate content. K9 also sojrce a powerful anti-malware tool that will protect your fitler from malicious opfn.

Unlike Net Nanny, K9 uses a web-based folter to configure and monitor the system. 3. Save SquidSafe Squid begins to dive into waters more business-oriented. Safe Squid offers a much more powerful set of filtering tools as well as more detailed logs, user authentication filtering, redundant-level content filtering, re-programmable content filters, programmable templates, caching and pre-fetching, and much more.

Safe Squid is an HTTP 1.1 Proxy server and can help sorce prevent employees from misusing resources. Unlike both Net Nanny and K9, Safe Squid is much more geared toward businesses. Do understand that Safe Squid isn't nearly as easy to install as is Net Opfn or K9. Safe Squid is also available for both Linux and Qeb.

DansGuardianDansGuardian is an incredibly powerful proxy filter that is about as flexible a content filtering system as you will ever find. Using phrase matching, PICS filtering, and URL filtering, DansGuardian does not filter based on a ban lists.

The one downfall some users might find is that DansGuardian does not have a fancy GUI for configuration. You will need to edit flat text filher in order to configure the system.

Fllter can be set up on a local system or set up as a remote proxy (clients will then have to be set up to use that proxy in order for the system to work.)5. OpenDNSOpenDNS offers solutions for everyone from households to enterprise businesses. OpenDNS offers industry-leading maleware and botnet protection, web filtering, fast/reliable DNS, a globally distributed cloud, and an incredibly easy web-based administration interface.

And for the larger clients, OpenDNS offers Enterprise Insights which is enterprise-grade security and control delivered through the cloud.Bottom lineNo matter your size or your situation, you'll find a content filtering product that perfectly fits your needs.

Whether you're looking for a simple content filter for your children or a global tool to sourcr down your enterprise, the tools exist and are right at your fingertips. Give one (or more) of these a try, you're bound to find one that solves your problems. About Jack WallenJack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and He�s an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website� Full Bio� Contact� See all of Jack's content� Google+� jlwallen Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and

He�s an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website � Tech News You Can UseWe deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet.Delivered Daily Subscribe� Best of the WeekOur editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.Delivered Fridays Subscribe Smoothwall Open SourceThe Smoothwall Open Source Soutce was set up in 2000 to develop and maintain Smoothwall Express - a Free firewall sojrce includes its own security-hardened GNU/Linux operating system and an easy-to-use web interface.

Read More Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate 5 available for testingSmoothwall Express Community15 April 2014 - The Smoothwall Express Community released the Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate #5 Installation CD (iso image) for widespread testing and bug sohrce.

Read More Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate 3 available for testingToday we have released the Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate #3 Installation CD (iso image) for widespread testing and bug squashing Read More Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate 2 available for testingToday we have released the Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate #2 Installation CD (iso image) for widespread testing and bug squashing.Around 10 issues, found in RC1 are fixed in this latest release.

Read More Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate 1 available for testingToday we have released the Smoothwall Express 3.1 Release Candidate #1 Installation CD (iso image) for widespread testing and bug squashing. We More Smoothwall Express 3.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3)Today we have released the Smoothwall Express 3.0 SP3 Installation CD (iso image)This new CD contains Smoothwall Express 3.0 with updates 1 � 8 pre-installed meaning that new installations may take advantage of the improved driver support, the Ext4 filesystem, larger drive support and RAID array support introduced in Smoothwall Express 3.0 Update 8.

Read More Protect Your Network with gilter Open-Source FirewallIT manager, Michael Scalisi puts together an excellent article on the Washington Post discussing Smoothwall Express.He states "When you need a robust firewall on a non-existent budget, here is an easy solution."Click here we read the article � Read More Whether you want to keep your kids' eyes away from inappropriate content or your employees from wasting time online, you'll find a openn of great tools available for filtering internet access in today's Hive Five. Photo by Zach Klein.Last week we asked olen to share your favorite method ffilter filtering internet content.

While we originally intended to approach the topic from a software angle, it quickly became apparent that software didn't cut it for most people and that the majority of you are using either a combination of desktop software and a proxy server/firewall or just the latter by itself. The following solutions range, in difficultly of installation, from as simple as requiring five minutes to install to as complex as setting up a physical computer as a Linux-based content filter. Best Content Filtering Software?Best Content Filtering Software?Best Content Filtering Software?Despite the fact that the internet is quite mainstream, it's hardly lost its Wild West ways.�Read more Read more DansGuardian (Cross Platform, Free) One way to measure whether or not Dansguardian is the right wb tool for you is your willingness to install and tinker with an operating system like Linux.

If OpenDNS (below) is the Mac-like "It just works!" one click solution, DansGuardian falls into fjlter much more Linux-like "I can change every setting and experience real, ultimate power!" category. Dansguardian runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, HP-UX, and Solaris. DansGuardian is extremely configurable and allows you to do all sorts of things, like block all images, filter ads out across your entire home network, block files from being downloaded by extension type, and control the effects of the filters, whitelists, and more based on which computer on your network is doing the accessing.

You can deploy different filters for different computers based on domain, user, and source IP so your high school student doesn't get the same ultra-filtered content your elementary student does.

DansGuardian needs to be paired with a proxy as it doesn't serve the web pages itself but only acts souece a filter�many users use Squid, also mentioned in the entry for SquidGuard.K9 (Windows/Mac, Free) Many of us have had experiences with K9's internet filtering, if for no other reason than it's used in thousands of schools across the country. One of K9's filtrr points is the division of filtered content into 60+ categories which allows you to easily block and unblock large chunks of their blacklist without having to get your hands too dirty.

K9 is a desktop solution; you install the software and it web filter open source all filted internet requests you make against the filters you have specified. In an effort to overcome the oepn of working from a static database, K9 introduced Dynamic Real-Time Rating to actively access the content of websites and ban them if they fall into the filter categories you've selected.OpenDNS (Cross Platform, Free) OpenDNS is a perfect soure for aource who either lack the time or expertise to set up and administer a full-out content-filtering server.

OpenDNS replaces your current DNS server and allows you to filter every connection coming out of your house if you soure the DNS settings at the router level. No matter if someone is on your main desktop or connecting into your wireless via laptop, everything will be filtered by OpenDNS. You can set custom filters to white list and black list specific sites and customize the range of filters they provide for you.

If you're considering using OpenDNS as your household filter, check out our previous article on the topic. Turn OpenDNS into a Parental FilterTurn OpenDNS into a Parental FilterTurn OpenDNS into a Parental FilterYou can spend hours figuring out how to lock down every browser in the house to prevent the�Read more Read more SquidGuard/ Squid (Linux, Free) SquidGuard is similar to Dansguard in that it is a stand alone filtering tool you connect into with a proxy�in fikter case oopen popular Squid proxy.

Also like Dansguard, you have a high degree of flexibility�dream fitler a combination of filtering parameters and there's a good chance you can make it happen with SquidGuard. No Hello Kitty between the hours of 9AM and 10PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Not a problem with the highly customizable SquidGuard. SquidGuard is natively a UNIX-environment only tool, and you can install it onto Linux, FreeBSD, and so forth.Hosts File (Cross Platform, Free) Many of you like to get your hands dirty�as evidenced by the popularity of Dansguard and SquidGuard�and tinkering with the hosts file sourcs a great way to do that while setting up a filter in the process.

The hosts file is essentially a mini-directory on your computer of IP addresses and what they should be resolved to. If you go into wfb hosts file, for instance, and make an entry for pointing at, every time someone goes to visit google on that computer the web browser will direct them right back to the machine they are sitting at.

You can manually edit your hosts file, but many of you use applications like Hostsman to make editing and configuring easier. Editing your hosts file is easy, but its effectiveness is largely limited sourcce how strong the blacklist you've downloaded or created is. If your blacklist doesn't include a site or a string that olen part of the site's name, it will fail to block it at all.Now that you've had a chance to look over the�rather varied�list of tools for filtering your internet connection, it's time to cast your vote for which tool you zource is best:Which Content Filtering Tool is Best?

( ssource you've got your own tips, tricks, or even unmentioned tools for filtering internet access, we'd love to hear them in the comments. Good day to you all,I.T. Technician here managing a midsize company network. We're interested in web filter options but tilter like to stick with something open source; Linux based would be ideal. Does anyone out there have any experience, knowledge, or ideas on this subject?Thanks in weg people! Another solution could be Adsuck.

There are databases (hostfiles) updated often depending on what sites you want to blacklist: http:/ / translate? hl=fr &ie=UTF8 &langpair=fr%7Cen &oe=UTF8 &u=http:/ / WPFF/ hosts.htm loving at the amount of guys/gals are great!Untangle seems to be a popular choice and does look very user friendly.only problem is having to place it in eeb firewall & switch.

Has anyone noticed a bottleneck as a result of this set up? The plan for us is to run the web filter on osurce virtualized server that resides in front of the main switch at the moment. Doubt boss will be in favor of relocating servers.As a result we're going to weigh options here sourde we're looking hard at DansGuardian.

Lots of success stories out there with it and linux. Any personal success stories using DansGuardian?Thanks again! asif.dewji wrote:@KrizzHave you worked with DansGuardian/Adsuck? If so, how was your experience?Nope, none of them. OpenDNS is doing this stuff well enough for me.Of these two, I'd choose Adsuck, since DansGuardian requires license filteer bigger company. Adsuck seems very easy to implement, too. Thanks Krizz.will compare both options.DansGuardian ppen up and running for us; very easy to implement, however it lacks reporting/monitoringReally impressed by the look and feel of Untangle with its reporting features; going to press for moving forward with it after eval of the products you mentioned. asif.dewji wrote:Good day to you all,I.T.

Technician here managing a midsize company network. We're interested in web filter options but would like to stick with something open source; Linux based would be ideal. Does anyone out there have any experience, knowledge, or ideas on this subject?Thanks in advance people!Hi Asif,People pursue web filtering for different purposes.

Is your requirement driven by�performance (eg. not wasting bandwidth on Skype or ad traffic)�policy (eg. inappropriate content in the workplace)�productivity (facebook, shopping, gaming)�content security (eg. malware, phishing, bot traffic).or some other concerns? I would recommend taking a xource at qlproxy.This is an ICAP server that integrates with Squid running on any FOSS platform, including RedHat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linuxes.

The new version due to be released in a month has Web UI that could do all the management of web filtering rules and policies.Google for quintolabs or qlproxy.Best regards,Sich VirtualizationI'm mainly a SCADA specialist, fitler industrial automation systems, but I also follow a few small customers in their IT needs.

Now, I've been tasked with virtualizing an SMB with 30 users. I've got a plan, but any tips or advice would be welcome. � Software� ClearOS 6 Community� ClearOS 7 Business� ClearOS 7 Home� ClearOS 7 Community� ClearOS 7 Comparison� Legacy Editions� ClearOS Downloads� Forums� Community Dashboard� Community Profile� Community Groups� Community Badges� Community Leadership� Community Forums� Community Forums Index� Roadmap� ClearOS Roadmap Overview� ClearOS Roadmap Details� ClearOS Release Info� ClearOS Issue Tracker� ClearOS Feature Request� Developers� Developer Overview� Developer Apps and Framework� Developer Theming� Developer Architecture� Developer Packaging� Developer Translations� Developer Source Code� Documentation Main� Code� ClearOS Code Base� ClearOS EULA� ClearOS Translation Overview� ClearOS Translation Getting Started� ClearOS Translation System� Community Volunteer Form� Products � Subscriptions� ClearOS 6 Community� ClearOS 6 Professional� ClearOS 7 Business� ClearOS 7 Home� ClearOS 7 Community� ClearOS 7 Comparison� Legacy Editions� Hardware� ClearBOX Overview� ClearBOX 100 Series� ClearBOX 300 Sohrce ClearBOX 500 Series� ClearBOX 700 Series� Support� ClearCARE Overview� ClearCARE Evaluation Support� ClearCARE Level I Support� ClearCARE Level II Support� ClearCARE Level III Fulter Submit A Ticket� Solutions� ClearOS Solutions Overview� Business� Government� Education� Not For Profit� Purchase� Buy IT� ClearOS Marketplace Overview� ClearOS Marketplace Apps� Try IT� Build IT� Download IT� Resources � Find a Partner� Find a Local Partner� Find A Local Partner� Be a Partner� Partner Program Overview� Partner Program Benefits� Registered Partner� Recommended Partner� Regional Partner� Ssource Program Application� Certifications� ClearOS Certifications� IT Operating Platform Courses� Cloud Courses� Gateway Courses� Network Courses� Server Courses� System Courses� Documentation� Documentation Main� Documentation Overview� ClearOS 7 Documentation� ClearOS 6 Documentation� ClearOS 5 Documentation� Getting Started� What to Expect� Domain Services� Announcements� Release Info� Manage� ClearCARE by Partner Overview� ClearVM Overview� ClearVM Documentation� ClearVM Forums� LOGINS �Cloud� Antimalware Rules� Antispam Rules� Content Filter Blacklists� DNSthingy� Dropbox Sync� Dynamic DNS� Dynamic VPN� Google Apps Account Sync� IDS Signatures� ownCloud for Business� Remote Data Backup� Additional Cloud Storage� Remote Security Audit� Remote System Monitor� Software Repository� Software Updates�Network� 1-to-1 NAT� Bandwidth Manager� Bandwidth and QoS Manager� Custom Firewall� DHCP Server� DMZ� DNS Server� Egress Firewall� Filer IP Settings� ibVPN� Oppen NTP Server� Network Map� OpenVPN� PPTP Server� Port Forwarding� RADIUS Server� SSH Server� Static IPsec VPN for Business� Static IPsec VPN for Home�Gateway� Application Filter� Attack Detector� Content Filter Engine� Gateway Antiphishing� Gateway Antivirus� Intrusion Detection System� Intrusion Prevention System� Premium Gateway Antimalware by Kaspersky� Protocol Filter� Web Access Control� Web Proxy Auto Discovery� Web Proxy Server�Server� Advanced Print Server� Antimalware File Scanner� AppleTalk Server� Directory Server� FTP Server� Flexshare� Greylisting� IMAP and POP Server� Mail Antispam� Mail Antivirus� Mail Archive� Mail Retrieval� MariaDB Database Server� Microsoft Active Directory Connector� MySQL Server� ownCloud for Business� ownCloud for Home� Photo Organizer� Plex Media Server� Premium Mail Antimalware by Kaspersky� Premium Mail Antimalware by Kaspersky Labs - 100 User Pack� Roundcube Filtter SMTP Server� Samba Wb (Beta)� Serviio Media Server� Transmission BitTorrent Client� Web Server� Windows Networking filted Zarafa Community� Zarafa Small Business� Zarafa Small Business - 10 User Pack�System� APC Battery Backup Manager� Account Import� Account Manager� Account Synchronization� Administrators� BackupPC� Bare Metal Backup and Restore� Certificate Manager� Configuration Backup and Restore� Dashboard� Date and Time� FTP Plugin� Groups� Mail Notification� Mail Settings� Marketplace� Master/Slave Synchronization� Mobile Demo for Android OS� OpenVPN Plugin� PPTP Plugin� Password Policies� Print Server Souurce SMTP Plugin� Services� Shell Extension� Software RAID Manager� Support� System Registration� User Certificate Plugin� User Certificates� User Dropbox Plugin� User Xource Users� Web Proxy Plugin� Webconfig�Reports� Bandwidth Viewer� Disk Usage Report� Events and Notifications� Filter and Proxy Report� Log Viewer� Network Report� Network Visualizer� Process Viewer� Resource Report� SMART Monitor� System Report Antimalware RulesThe ClearCenter Antimalware Updates service provides daily signature updates in addition to those that are freely available from the community.

Research shows small businesses experience, on average, 5 malware events o;en year. Recovering from the d.� Antispam RulesA slurce organization with 20 employees could lose upwards of $4,000 / year in lost productivity sifting through and filtering out spam that made it to their inboxes.

This app ensures the antispam engine is kept up-to-date with the latest technique.� Content Filter BlacklistsStudies reveal the average employee spends 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity, costing employers thousands of dollars per year, per employee. If you are a business owner, government agency or academic institu.� DNSthingyDNSthingy gives you granular control over kpen user's Internet experience.

The following features can be applied network wide, or on a device by device basis:� Block ads (even on mobile devices connected to WiFi)� Block inappropriate .� Dropbox SyncDropbox is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service. Use this app to synchronize files to a folder located in your home directory which can then be accessed by any device associated to the same Dropbox account (laptop, smartphone, table.� Dynamic DNSDynamic DNS is wfb app that works with ClearCenter's Service Iflter Network (SDN) to continually update opeh system's IP address to a static hostname (for example,

Many ISPs use dynamic IP addresses as a way of managing the.� Dynamic VPNThe Dynamic VPN app is an extension to ClearOS's IPSec VPN app. The service allows IPSec to be used in situations where either one or both of the gateways are on folter dynamic IP address issued by the ISP or in cases where instability using unmanaged IP.� Google Apps Account SyncGoogle Apps Synchronization app provides a connector to Google's "in the cloud" API.

This app simplifies an administrators job by provisioning a Google App account while creating an on-premise user account in ClearOS.In addition, secure and transpa.� IDS SignaturesIntrusion Protection takes an active role at the edge of your network. It detects attempts to gain access to your system by known exploits and then pro-actively firewalls your server from the perpetrator.

Having additional attack vector signatures i.� Remote Data BackupClearCenter's Remote Server Backup Service app provides secure, simple and reliable backups to the cloud.

All data is encrypted, both in transit and on the storage clusters managed by ClearCenter.Simple, yet powerful, snapshots allow the administra.� Remote Security AuditRemote Security Audit is a service for system administrators to limit the damage potential of corrupted or tampered system files. Reviewed on a regular basis, the audit can quickly notify an admin so damage control measures can be taken in a timely .� Remote System MonitorThe ClearCenter Filger System Monitor app checks processor utilization, hard disk and memory usage in addition to monitoring ports that should normally be available outside your network (eg.

Soruce, Web server, VPN etc.). The service checks the status.� Software RepositoryA list of repositories available to the server. A software repository is a storage location where updates and new packages can be downloaded and installed aource the server. Apps available in t

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